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LOSS - on December 31st, the JMMA world lost 宮下トモヤ Tomoya Miyashita (17-9-7), 30 years old, to a long hard battle with cancer. a main fixture fighter of DEEP and veteran of ZST, Pancrase and GCM, he fought two notables Darren Uyenoyamaand Masakazu Imanari during his last year of active competition.  he kept a blog and shared all of his friends who came to visit.

Tomoya Miyashita MMA Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography 

W - If you have a business you'd like advertised on TV in Manila, help out Dorian Price with sponsorship for his upcoming fight on February 18 on Pacific Xtreme Combat.

Dorian Price
Looking for sponsors for my MMA fight Feb 18 in Manilla Philippenes on PXC card. If you are interested please inbox me. Thanks

W - COACH WANTED: just in from Evolution Mma Mumbai: looking for an experienced MMA instructor for a period of one month to work with top amateur fighters making their professional debuts in 2012. contact Jitendra Khare at

W -  No Holds Barred: Heath Sims on Heading Evolve MMA Wrestling Program

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with Heath Sims, who has just been named to head the wrestling program at the top martial arts training organization in Asia, the Singapore-based Evolve MMA. Heath joins the Evolve staff with a long history of success in wrestling.
W -  No Holds Barred: Antonio Graceffo, the Brooklyn Monk, on Martial Arts and MMA in Asia 
On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with the "Brooklyn Monk ", Antonio Graceffo. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Tennessee, and living for many years in Asia, Antonio Graceffo has written books, hosted the "Martial Arts Odyssey" web TV show

W - Gareth Griffiths did a fantastic job of commenting on every match, and his photos are amazing! this feature belongs enshrined on the PRO Fighting MMA website. PRO FIGHTING 6: RECAP BY GARETH GRIFFITHS

W - December 23rd's Shooto amateur fights were recorded live and posted here:

Recorded Live 所沢市民武道館 #3269340 - TwitCasting

W - Several of the major promoters and key players in Asia make their predictions for the UFC 141 bout between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem.  can you imagine Victor Cui of ONE Fighting Championship, Edward J. Calvo ofPacific Xtreme Combat, Alvin Aguilar of UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC), Yodchatri Sityodtong of Evolve Mixed Martial Arts, andMike Haskamp of Legend Fighting Championship all in the same conversation? 
UFC 141: Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem Predictions From the Key Players in Asian

W -  these epic highlights from the DREAM Bantamweight Tournament will startle your coworkers.

DREAM | バンタム級世界トーナメント1回戦をプレイバック!大晦日『元気ですか!! 大晦日!! 2011』PV第七弾を公開!!
‎12・31FieLDS presents FIGHT FOR JAPAN『元気ですか!! 大晦日!! 2011』(さいたまスーパーアリーナ)PV第七弾、9月のバンタム級世界トーナメント1回戦を振り返る!!

W - ‎Matt Hume talks Hayato Sakurai and Bibiano Fernandes for DREAM Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 and how ONE Fighting Championship is set to catapult MMA in Asia:  interviewed on Fighting Famous TV

Matt Hume: When [Demetrious Johnson] Gets to 125, It's Going to Be
Matt "The Wizard" Hume shares his thoughts on the UFC's 125-pound weight class, ONE FC's partnership with DREAM and the UFC's return to Japan.

L - Rodolfo Marques thinks his wrestling training can overcome Bibiano Fernandes' ground game at DREAM Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011

Rodolfo sem medo do chão de Bibiano ::

L - ‎Satoshi Ishii gives his opinion of Fedor in TATAME, lead up to DREAM Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011

Satoshi Ishii: 'Fedor está menos decidido' ::

W - Johan Yusof shares the JMMA blogger's predictions:  "Did a prediction vlog for Genki Desuka!! Omisoka!! 2011 with my buddies. Do check it out if you have the time. :) :) :)"

Dream Genki Desu Ka Predictions with @IQWrestler and
Our friends and fellow Team Takeover brethren IQWrestler and Johan discuss the Dream Genki Desu Ka event.

W - The fighters meeting at DREAM Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011. Who can you spot?

W - Genki Desu Ka!! Fight Order Change X Weigh-In Results
DREAM Rules 17. HW: Fedor Emelianenko (106kg) vs. Satoshi Ishii (97.4kg) DREAM Lightweight Title Fight (5×5 mins) 16. Shinya Aoki (70kg)

W - ‎Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 presser - FREEZING!!!
W - Saitama Super Arena - That's a lot of MMA fans!

W - Stuart David shares the new Shinya Aoki - Highlight [HELLO JAPAN]

W - congratulations to Oswaldo Ornellas Neto on becoming the new resident BJJ coach at Impakt Singapore

Impakt Singapore
Academy of Impakt: Singapore is proud to introduce our new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu professor Oswaldo Ornellas Neto fresh from his stint at Versus Performance in Hong Kong. Oswaldo is a Brazilian black belt from Gracie Humaitá also known as Academia Gracie de Jiu-Jitsu started by co founder of BJJ - Helio Gracie.

W - the UFC has signed Sengoku veteran Nick Denis.

UFC signs 'The Ninja of Love' Nick Denis to multi-fight

W - a great team just got even greater!  Team Quest's Heath Sims joins Evolve
Heath Sims, MMA legend Dan Henderson\'s long time coach, training partner, and lead cornerman, has officially joined Evolve MMA to head the Wrestling Program and to help the Evolve Fight Team.

W - MSN Philippines names 13 MMA fighters to watch: Evolve Mixed Martial Arts' is big on the list with 4 - Radeem Rahman, Zorobabel Moreira, Yodsanan Sityodthongand Eddie Ng; Urcc Mma Champs Eric 'The Natural' Kelly, Kevin Belingon andEduard "The Landslide" Folayang land accolades as well.

PHOTOS: Fighters that will take Southeast Asia by storm in 2012 - Radeem Rahman (Singapore)
Which Mixed Martial Arts practitioners are going to make noise next year?  MSN Philippines News

W - congratulations to new wrestling coach Andrew Leone as the latest addition toPhuket Top Team - MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand

Andrew Leone  Professional Mixed Martial Arts Figher

W - ‎Masakatsu Ueda and his thoughts on joining Bellator.

He is the ONLY "Top 10" bantamweight fighter in the world that has never foughtin the Octagon. Yes we are talking about SP fighter @Masakatsu Ueda! And here is the article on Ueda talking about his upcoming fight in Shooto and his thought on competing in the Bellator Fighting Championships bantamweight tourney next year!!

‎W - Hiroshi Nakamura, another JMMA fighter discussing Bellator.

Article about SP fighter @Hiroshi Iron Nakamura in the MMA Weekly!

‎W - Chan Sung Jung earns Submission of the Year by MMA Fighting.

Submission of the Year: The Korean Zombie Introduces Twister to
The introduction of the Twister to the UFC hangs on as our choice for the top Submission of the Year. In March, \"The Korean Zombie\" Chan-Sung Yung

‎W - presents an indepth discussion with Legend Fighting Championship's Hardeep Singh on his entry into MMA in Asia, an injury-dictated layoff, and his gameplan for returning to the ring.

Legend FC’s Hardeep Singh: “Im going to bring back the old me and tear it up”
A native of India who grew up in Canada, Singh’s troubled childhood meant that he spent many of his early years going from school to school and sometimes from foster home to foster home,

W - Yahoo! Sports piece on the Chinese MMA fighters that the UFC has sponsored to train in Vegas for a month, including Legend Fighting Championship's Bantamweight Champion Yao Honggang, Li Jinliang , A Mu Rijirigala and Cui Liucai.

UFC making inroads in China one fighter at a
Training Chinese MMA talent in Las Vegas is a first step at educating a country of 1.3 billion people. - UFC news

D - Anton Tabuena of responds: writes a thorough article on the recent happenings on the Chinese scene in regards to MMA training.

UFC's Efforts to Develop Chinese MMA Is a Good Start, But it Won't Be
UFC sending a few Chinese fighters to train with world class trainers in Vegas is a good start to developing talent in China, but is far from being enough.

W - and from  Ramsey L. Dewey:  "I've fought some of those guys! 

 I hope they make it to the UFC and make it big- if for nothing else so I can brag to my friends about the time I went toe to toe with the UFC champion of the world before he was famous."

W - Arnaud TheGame Lepont discusses his upcoming bout  at Dare Championship and what are his aspirations in MMA:

7-1 Frenchman Arnaud Lepont discusses fighting in Thailand, future of SE Asian MMA « /

DARE 3/11 ( IS NOW DARE 1/12) do to the floods !

W - ‎Eduard "The Landslide" Folayang to meet Wadson "Knockout"Teixeira at UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC) Cebu 7. for more about "Knockout" and his Muay Thai background, check out his blog at

Cebu 7 "Dominate" January 13, 2012 CICC, Cebu City- URCC Starts the year with a bang. Co-main event Carry Bullos vs. Rex Delara for the Visayan Bantamweight Championship , Geronimo Etac vs. Victor Torre for the Visayan Pinweight Championship. And the main event. SUPERFIGHT Brazil vs. Philippines Wadson Teixeira(Itabuna Bahia, Brazil) vs. Eduard Folayang (Baguio, Philippines) Bakbakan Na!!!!

‎W - Eduard Landslide Folayang gets some love from the local press regarding his return to fight on home ground in the Philippines at UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC) Cebu:

Folayang to fight in
MMA fans in Cebu City will witness by far the biggest MMA event that the city has ever seen as the most prominent MMA fighter, Eduard Folayang, headlines Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC)

W - Nightmare Of Battle posted information about RINGS resuming with ZST after a ten-year lull, and that they'd reached an agreement with Road Fc fighters. the event will take place at Shinjuku FACE on January 22 and will be headlined by Naoyuki Kotani.

ZSTオフィシャルサイト : 1/22「BATTLE GENESIS vol.9」全対戦カード決定 -

‎W - Road Fc 6: Final Four on February 5 - Shungo Oyama, Kim JongDae, 이은수 Lee EunSu, Son Hye Sook.

공지사항 - ROAD FC 006.
대진은 정해지는 대로 홈페이지에 공지를 하겠습니다. 여러분의 많은 관심 부탁드

W - in BIG letters, Road Fc has released another bout on the card for Final 4: a welterweight reserve match: the massive M-1 and Spirit vet Jaeyoung Kim will again need to cut weight to meet Spirit, M-1 and DEEP vet Dool Hee Lee who is looking to avenge his KO at Road FC 5.

공지사항 - ROAD FC 006 FINAL4 Kim Jae Young VS Lee Dool Hee Reserve
Kim jae Young Le

W - Release from  KoreanMMAagent :

Coming 2012 Feb 2nd, ROAD FC 006 - Final 4 will be held at Korea’s legendary Chang-Choong Stadium. Through its 4th and 5th middle weight tournaments, ROAD FC will introduce its first middle weight champion for the first time ever. The main event of ROAD FC 006 - Final 4 is the middle-weight title match. Shungo Oyama, who defeated Denis Kang, and Jong-dae Kim, who defeated CMA champion Dool-hee Lee, will figurehead the event with a semi-final match. Also, Team Max's very own Hye-seok Son and the first Spirit MC heavy weight champion, Eun-soo Lee, will decide who will be the destined finalist! Also, ROAD FC will start its first bantam weight tournament in this event. Additionally, Korea's fan-favorite MMA reality show -- "Crying Fist Season 2"'s two finalists, Jung-soo Lee and Ee-moon Han will be battling to decide the strongest Korean in the nation. Doors open at 13:00. ROAD FC Young Guns 002 will start at 14:00. ROAD FC 006. Final 4 will be at 16:00, broadcasted live on Extra Ordinary XTM.

ONE Fighting Championship update from the man himself: Victor Cui just confirmed Bob Sapp versus Rolles Gracie for ONE FC Jakarta.

Sambo world champion and M-1 standout Rustam Khabilov (12-2-0) has been signed for ONE Fighting Championship Jakarta.

And another announcement from ONE Fighting Championship: CFC - Cage Fighting Championship champ Gustavo Falciroli will take on Kim SooChul.

W - Main Card for ONE Fighting Championship 2, Jakarta, featuring Felipe Enomotoversus Ole Baguio Laursen, Bae Yong Kwon versus Eric James Kelly, Rodrigo Ribeiro Ximbica versus Rustam Khabilov, Kim Soo Chul versus Gustavo Falciroli, andRolles Gracie versus Bob Sapp.

Who is ready for ONE FC 2 in Jakarta, Indonesia on Feb 11, 2012? There will be 10 explosive, adrenaline-filled fights with some of the best MMA fighters in Asia!

W - ‎Road Fc announces its fighters Kim SooChul of Team Force 팀포스 and Bae Yong Kwon of Team Posse Gangnam will be fighting on the ONE Fighting Championship 2 card:

뉴스&이벤트 - 로드FC 권배용-김수철, 2월 ONEFC 출격www.roa

W - the undercard for ONE Fighting Championship 2 in Jakarta is using many local fighters: Victorio Senduk versus Raymond Tiew, Alex Silva versus Geje Eustaquio,Ming-Yen Sung versus Jesse Raffols, Ngabdi Mulyadi versus Peter Davis, and Zuli Silawanto versus Agus Nanang

‎W - Legend Fighting Championship has just confirmed signing Jumabieke Tuerxun, sanda champ, UMAC vet and undefeated in RUFF锐武终极格斗.

> Fighter Signing: Jumabieke Tuerxun (China)
Legend signs unbeaten Xian Physical Education University standout Jumabieke.
racking up wins in TFC Beijing, check out some of his opponents:

Tuerxun Jumabieke MMA Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography 
Asia Mma his most recent fight at RUFF 2:
本场比赛由云南选手赵燕飞迎战新疆选手居马别克-吐尔迅_在线视频观看_土豆网视频 武术 本场比赛由云南选手赵燕飞迎战新疆选手居马别克-吐尔迅 武术 体育频道Asia Mma via Legend Fighting Championship
W - Taiyo Nakahara, Sengoku contender and GCM stand-out, just signed to Legend Fighting Championship:
> Fighter Signing: Taiyo Nakahara (Japan)
Legend signs Japan’s Taiyo Nakahara, former number one contender for the Sengoku Bantamweight Title.
 with a record of 12-6-0 and a year out of competition, he will seek to make a dent in the stacked bantamweight division:

Taiyo Nakahara MMA Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography
along with Mark Striegl, Taiyo is one of the standouts from Wajutsu Keishukai's GODS gym , along with the legendary Yuji Hoshino.

W - ‎Legend Fighting Championship 7 card announcement:
a Welterweight Title defense as 배명호 Bae MyoungHo takes on top contender Li Jingliang;
a Bantamweight Title defense as Yao Honggang takes on newly signed threat "Bieke" Tuerxun;
enter the big guys: Matt Cain collides with Oscar Liu WenBo, and Hideto Tatsumi against 양해준 "Hungry" Yang HaeJoon;
Taiyo Nakahara enters into the promotion against vete...See More

Legend Fighting Championship > Events > Legend Fighting Championship
Legend Fighting Championship is Hong Kong’s first Mixed Martial Arts competition. Legend Fighting Championship invites national champion MMA fighters from throughout the Asia-Pacific to compete in an interdisciplinary freestyle tournament

W - Legend promo: looking forward to these two title defenses!

Legend FC 7: TV --- Legend Fighting Championship 7 TV Commercial Facebook:

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