Press release:

MMA is far from being dead in Thailand or Banned! In spite of recent news Phuket Top Team is setting up their first in house Promotion called IFN - Island Fight Night.  The event will be held on Saturday 7th July.

There will be Amateur Muay Thai, Pro Rules Boxing, Amateur MMA, and even the new fighting style TK1 fights (K-1 rules with mma gloves in the cage). In the near future as well IFN will be also putting on Pro Rules MMA Fights as well.
In house gym fights are not new to Phuket, many gyms in Phuket host in house fights for their members.  But what makes IFN different is that anyone can sign up and come to compete to gain experience from any gym in Phuket or Thailand. Also IFN will be streaming live online via UStream so anyone around the world can tune in and watch. (Please go to the IFN website or Phuket Top Team FB for more info on how to watch.)


Players from HEAT will take part in a "friendly Sino-Japanese national exchange" MMA event held in  in Shandong, China on July 25 and 26.  The matches will take place in a cage in the 3,000 capacity Dezhou City Gymnasium.
◆ 7/25: China vs Thailand; Thailand vs Brazil
■7/26: China vs Japan HEAT, Team trophy

MMA rules participants: Kiichi Strasser Kunimoto, Cobra Kai; Yoshida Koji Sone Kazuma, Shimura Dojo
Kick rules participants: Merry Sakai, Shimura Dojo; Hosoe Toshihiro


For the first time in history, the people of Inner Mongolia get to use their amazing indoor stadium to host an MMA event.  The cards at RUFF are starting to include higher levels talent each show, and despite losing the Andy Wang versus Rodrigo Caporal BJJ black belt showdown due to Wang's training injury, and now Juma "Bieke" Tuerxun versus Song YaDong battle due to Song's "documentation issues", the card is still impressive.   Given the history of Mongolian culture, their penchant for combat sports, and the popularity of MMA around the world, putting a RUFF event together in Inner Mongolia should be very well-recieved.

Most important to watch for will be undefeated "Dongbei Tiger" power striker Wang Guan versus Brazil’s BJJ black belt and Capoeira master Sando da Silva.  They are locked into the million RMB championship, and the purse is so big that no one even mentions the belt the champ takes with it!   There are all sorts of distractions when fighting, but a purse that big will throw off some guys in the competition for sure.   Only the most focused will advance to the next fight.


The latest press release:

Super Fight League is proud to announce the signing of:
Jeff Monson
Satoshi Ishii
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Michael Page

Signed for 4 fight exclusive deals


(Mumbai, 24th June 2012) Super Fight League (SFL) is proud to announce the signings of: Jeff Monson, Satoshi Ishii, Rameau Sokoudjou and Michael Page for four fight exclusive deals.  India's top MMA Organsiation, Super Fight League continues to add to its impressive fighter roster with this second wave of signings, adding to its current stable of fighters which includes; Todd Duffee, James Thompson, Paul Kelly, Trevor Prangley and Professor X.

Jeff Monson

Fighting out of American Top Team, UFC Heavyweight Title Challenger and vet of DREAM, PRIDE and Strikeforce Jeff 'the Snowman' Monson (46 - 13- 1) is considered one of the world's top grapplers. Two-time Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Champion and No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Monson also holds the Heavyweight titles in the International Sport Karate Association and the Strength & Honor Championship. A BJJ Blackbelt and submission artist, Monson also holds a Masters Degree in Psychology.

With victories over Roy Nelson, Sergei Kharitonov, Mark Kerr and Ricco Rodriguez, Monson is an impressive addition to the SFL Heavyweight division.  SFL CEO Ken Pavia said: 'Jeff has achieved a high level of success fighting all over the world. We are very excited to add him to our roster and test him in our elite HW division. He is always entertaining and is one of the true personalities of the sport."


Sports: athletic, enthusiastic, exciting, emotional, polarizing. Sports is also big business. We recognize and value teams competing on an international level that reflect our social, economic, and regional ideals and preferences. From the team and the coach on down through the sponsors, and ultimately the players, we are consumed by what makes the machine run effectively and successfully. We read about it, we watch it, and we bet on it.

Combat sports introduce another level of obsession into the sporting compendium. These are single individuals competing against one another, therefore we inject more of our own emotions, desires and empathies into identifying with these warriors because we intrinsically see ourselves in the arena. We celebrate their wins or deeply mourn their losses as our own.

Yet be it EuroCup teams or ONE FC fighters, there is a unifying element that all athletes need to succeed: a good coach.

In Asia, the sport of MMA is most well-developed in Japan where the concept of a good coach's directive of team training is not only accepted but imperative. Many great gyms have fostered athletes able to compete on an international level because of the eye and guidance of their coach. Reaching further across Asia, there is an innovator who understands the dynamic and has been willing to chance it outside the confines of the 'safe' Japanese market.

He is the inimitable Chatri Sityodtong.

Courtesy Daniel Koh


Press release:

Complete RUFF 4 Fight Card Released

Having already announced the main events for the upcoming RUFF 4 on Saturday, June 30 at Hohhot’s Inner Mongolia Indoor Stadium, the Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation (RUFF) is now releasing the complete fight card for this second fight in the year-long Super Fight series.

In addition to the previously-announced featherweight matchup between Macau-based Brazilian Sandro da Silva and Xi’An Sports University’s Wang Guan, the lightweight battle between BJJ black belts Rodrigo Caporal and Andy Wang, and the highly-anticipated rematch between bantamweights Irshaad Sayed and Ayideng Jumayi, the RUFF 4card for will feature eight more fights featuring some of China’s top MMA fighters.

Bantamweight Jumabieke Tuerxun will continue his march toward the 2013 Super Fight, putting his undefeated record on the line against RUFF newcomer and BJJ blue belt Song YaDong, while lightweight Zhang LiPeng looks to bounce back from a majority decision loss at RUFF 3 in his showdown with Muay Thai specialist Arthit “A Ting” Hanchana.


ROAD FC 008.FINAL4 - Bitter Rivals
Result (경기결과)

7th bout : Kyunh-ho Kang vs. Andrew Leone
(Kyung-ho Kang won by Rear-Naked Choke / Round 2)

6th bout : Denis Kang vs. Hye-seok Son
(Denis Kang won by TKO / Round 1)

5th bout : Jong-dae Kim vs. Bob Sapp
(Jong-dae Kim won by TKO / Round 2)

4th bout : Doo-won Seo vs. Toru Harai
(Doo-won Seo won by Decision / Round 3)

3rd bout : Soo-chul Kim vs. Sato Shoko
(Soo-chul Kim won by TKO / Extra Round 1)

2nd bout : Kyung-ho Kang vs. Je-hoon Moon
(Kyung-ho Kang won by Rear-Naked Choke / Round 3)

1st bout : Andrew Leone vs. Min-jong Song
(Andrew Leone won by Decision / Round 3)



Top Chinese welterweight Li Jingliang holds off Australian Dan Pauling in co-main event

Macau, June 16, 2012 (Saturday) — A lively capacity crowd at City of Dreams witnessed top-ranked Japanese fighter Koji Ando defeat Australian brawler Rob Hill by judges’ decision after three rounds in the main event of City of Dreams exclusively presents Legend 9.  Koji has now won five of his last six fights. With this win, Ando has earned the right to face reigning champion Jadamba Narantungalag for the Legend Lightweight Title at Legend 11.

“I’ve got the title in my sights,” said Ando. “I’m looking forward to proving that I have what it takes to beat Jadamba!”


After the weigh ins, we had the chance to catch up with a few of the Korean and Chinese fighters on the card.  Here are a few of their thoughts ahead of Legend FC 9.


How do you feel to be back fighting in Legend FC?

First, I'm so happy because I'm back.  I trained so much.  I'm glad to show my ability.

What do you think about your opponent (Rob Lisita)?

My opponent is strong, but his skill is not specific.  So I have a way to defeat him.

After coming back from a long lay off, how was your weight cut?

I feel dizzy, and it was hard to cut.  I had no match for one year.  But I want to keep my promise.

What do you think about your opponent's missing weight?

I'm disappointed because as a professional, he didn't keep his promise.  But I think he will succeed.

How do you think the fight will finish?

Whatever.  But it will end in the second round.  I won't let it go to the third.


Legend FC 9 weigh ins are over and out of 20 fighters, 8 did NOT make weight on the first go.  After 2 hours, only co-main event Li Jingliang didn't drop the needed amount, ending up 200g over and giving 20% of his purse to Dan Pauling.  

Legend FC Commentator Vaughn "Blud" Anderson was on hand and doing his preliminary interviews.  He shares the fighters' last-minute looks at their fight camps, opponents and how they see tomorrow's action going down.

Muhammed Hanif Bin Zainal 66.34 versus Diego Cuenca 66.32

Bin Zainal is the Predator.  Won his first gold medal in TKD at 5.  Started MMA because of video games.  Trains at Muayfit.  Doesn’t respect Diego’s striking.

Diego Cuenca said, "I will push the pace in this fight.  I am equally dangerous on the feet and the ground."  He won BJ Penn's contest, won a trip to Hawaii, trained for 6 weeks, fought a Hawaiian in amateur MMA and won, and then didn't get the video.  "MMA is therapy for me," Diego says, "It's much better to punch a bag or person than a clock."  Seven years of BJJ.


With Legend FC 9 right around the corner on June 16th in Macau at City Of Dreams, Commentator Vaughn 'Blud' Anderson (and 16-1 pro MMA fighter, coach, jiujitsu fiend, world traveler, man-in-the-know and all around badass) is studying up on the next card.  Here's his look at the fighters and how he sees the bouts going down.  You won't get a better understanding of the action, unless your ringside.

Koji Ando vs. Rob Hill

This is Hill’s second fight during his ‘year off to study accounting’ (LOL!). Not sure how that idea EVER entered his head, but glad he has come to his senses and is back pulling off bonus-winning performances. The Aussie’s weird tricks look totally fluke at times, but he insures they are all just too technical for me to comprehend- either way, they work and win for him.

Ando looks huge for 70 kgs and held his own on the feet with KO sensation Wang Guan for the full 15 minutes! Then he came back and pulled off a beautiful sub-of-the-night triangle transitioned from back mount. He has earned his spot across from Hill.

Rob leaving the ring with bonuses is more common than not now. But, just like in video games, the further you get in Legend, the scarier your challenges become. Ando is the monster on this level and he will put Hill’s funky escapes to the test. Both recent sub-of-the-night winners, both excellent strikers- this could easily be one of the best fights ever.


The ONE Asia MMA Summit held from June 1st through 3rd, 2012, presented an opportunity for promoters, sponsors, gyms, and media from around the Austral-Asian region to network and collaborate on the growth of MMA in Asia.  ONE Fighting Championship hosted approximately 150 people at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.   Speakers from across the industry were organized into panels and break out sessions to cover a variety of important issues.  On Day 2 of the Summit, these panel sessions commenced with an introduction by ONE FC CEO Victor Cui.  This article focuses only on the first panel session as the event was quite comprehensive and informative; future columns will detail the remaining topics.


Chatri Sityodtong, CEO of Evolve MMA

The frog under the coconut shell digs his way out and sees the world.

Chatri has become a name synonymous with MMA in Asia.  He's a highly successful businessman who has turned his focus to MMA, developing one of the most recognized brands in Evolve MMA and assembling a stellar fight team.  Chatri understands that the future does not need to be observed, but driven.  The core of his speech was not 'if' MMA in Asia will succeed but 'how' it will.  Starting out with a bang, he produced very simple powerpoint slides that read:

"How big will MMA be in Asia?  VERY BIG."


SHANGHAI, June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --  The Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation (RUFF) continues to establish itself as a top power in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world, signing a deal with U.S.-based Excel Sports Management to handle all sponsorship sales and marketing.

Through an increased presence on television and comprehensive print and online campaigns, RUFF aims to reach well over 600 million Chinese consumers by summer 2012. By enlisting Excel Sports Management to lead its corporate consulting and rights representation, RUFF ensures it will be well positioned to form valuable partnerships during this rapid expansion.

"We are thrilled to work with such an elite agency," commented RUFF co-founder Saul Rajsky. "Excel's industry experience and global reach make them ideal partners as we engage this vast new audience and introduce them to our exhilarating product."

Excel Sports Management, which represents some of the most respected and talented athletes in professional sports, including Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and Blake Griffin, views RUFF as a future cornerstone of televised sports entertainment in China. RUFF's unparalleled access to the nation's untapped MMA market will stimulate growth surpassing the sport's impressive rise in the United States.


Just released for the next card:

Sandro da Silva versus Wang Guan
Rodrigo Caporal versus Andy Wang
Irshaad Sayed versus Ayideng Jumayi

RUFF 4 set for Inner Mongolia, road to Super Fight continues

The Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation (RUFF) will return to action with RUFF 4 on Saturday, June 30th, when China’s top Mixed Martials Arts (MMA) fighters square off at Hohhot’s Inner Mongolia Indoor Stadium.
The second event in RUFF’s year-long Super Fight series, RUFF 4 will feature many of RUFF’s top fighters, along with a new crop of contenders, all of whom will vie for the chance to become China’s first MMA National Champion.


ONE   It represents a single entity, sometimes referred to as unity.

ASIA   Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. It covers 30% of the Earth's land area and hosts 60% of the world's current human population. Given its size and diversity, Asia "is more a cultural concept" incorporating diverse regions and peoples than a homogeneous physical entity. - Wikipedia

MMA   Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground. The roots of modern mixed martial arts can be traced back to the ancient Olympics. - Wikipedia

SUMMIT   1. The highest point or part; the top.  2. The highest level or degree that can be attained.  3. a. The highest level, as of government officials.  b. A conference or meeting of high-level leaders, usually called to shape a program of action

The words above each symbolize powerful concepts.  When placed together, they galvanize an entire community into action.  The ONE Asia MMA Summit, held in Singapore over the weekend of June 1st through 3rd, 2012, brought approximately 150 people from around the Austral-Asian region together to educate, collaborate, elevate, and shape the future of the sport.  It was a remarkable historic achievement.

The event was sponsored and hosted by ONE Fighting Championship, whose increasing star power attraction and aggressively forecast international schedule have made it the behemoth of MMA in Asia.  Aside from the first ever MMA summit in Asia, ONE FC aims to be the first and only promotion to create and manage a cross-promotional network, an exclusive gym network, and an official fighter-sharing collaboration.  It is neither slowly nor conservatively approaching these objectives - ONE FC is doing it BIG.  Owner and CEO Victor Cui stated, "I have no doubt that in the next few years, MMA will be a household word everywhere in Asia."  That's big.  In the words of panelist and industry-driver Chatri Sityodtong, CEO of Evolve MMA,
"How big?  VERY BIG."