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MMA in Asia


Recently,  it was announced that Canadian-based MMA fighter Kultar "Black Mamba" Gill has signed a four fight contract with SFL, cementing the most prominent fighter of Indian ethnicity as a staple in the India-pased promotion.  Now SFL announces that his Canadian fans will be able to watch him on home turf as well.  SFL has formed a partnership with Canada's Fight Network and will begin airing SFL events as soon as July 19th.  

Here is the official press release from Super Fight League:

Fight Network Announces Broadcast Partnership with Indian MMA Promotion Super Fight League

Toronto – Canada’s Fight Network, the world’s premier 24/7 television channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports, has become the official home for Super Fight League events from India.

One of the fastest growing international mixed martial arts entities, Super Fight League has already hosted three successful events, which will be premiering Thursdays on Fight Network, beginning with SFL 1 on July 19 at 9 p.m. ET.


A personal anniversary THANK YOU to all of our supporters:

One year ago this month, Asia MMA on Facebook, the MMA in Asia website, and our twitter account were launched.  It was apparent that the great sport of MMA was about to skyrocket - both in Asian interest and international interest in the Asian market.  We realized that there was no concise and thorough source to supply information, news, and connections focusing solely on all Asian promotions and fighters. Believing that our friends, the fighters, needed this support, we jumped into the effort with both feet.
Tracy Lee, (she makes cakes too)

The result has been positively overwhelming.  Thank you to everyone who loves this sport and has supported our efforts by reading, forwarding, and interacting with our platforms.  Deep gratitude goes out to our friends, the fighters; you warriors who choose to follow such a grueling lifestyle in a sport that is the extreme of emotional and physical stress, you deserve the highest respect.  Thank you to those warriors' support network of family, coaches, and gym mates who toil behind the scenes for another's glamor during victory, and remain the pillars of strength in moments of defeat.  Thank you to the upstanding and proven promoters who build the statuses, provide the battlefields, fund the livelihoods, and protect the safety of the athletes in this incredible high-octane sport.

Thank you to our sponsors throughout the year: Jaded MMA gear, Triquest MMA, POSS compression wear and - without you, this wouldn't be possible.

It is our pleasure to announce that big things are happening with our platforms this month.  A new and vastly improved website will be launched that will provide the features and resources we first envisioned one year ago.  Our list of correspondents from all corners of Asia will grow, and our ability to supply information to all countries will grow along with it.  The website may be down at some point while we carry out the upgrades, so please bear with us.  We'll be done with our business soon.  And yes, that is a toilet cake of the Asian persuasion.  Thank you Google (and thank you - we always try to quote our sources).


The first Ultimate Fight Alliance - UFA- was held and recorded live at  Shaanxi TV Station Channel 7 with support of ShaanXi Sheng Wu and Coach Zhao Xue Jun of the Xian Sports Institute.  Eighteen MMA competitors came from all across China - from the Xian Sports Institute, Jiang Long Yun’s team from Hei Long Jiang, Ao Hai Lin’s from Beijing, Liu Guo Qi from Guang Zhou, and also fighters from Wuhan, Kunming.

The event was a hit with the audience, who were very actively cheering on the fighters.  Future details about monthly shows and international broadcast will be released shortly.  This event will give the opportunity for aspiring MMA fighters from all across China gain exposure and grow the sport within the country.

Here are the unofficial results:
9. Yang Liang defeats Sheng Er by decision, points
8. Qing Ge Le defeats Ar Ri Si Len by ground and pound
7. HaSi Ti Er defeats Guo Wen Shuo by decision, points
6. Xuan Peng Fei defeats Yu Yi Jiang by KO, Kicks
5. BaiEEr Dun Cang defeats Chen YiBiao by KO, fist position
4. Han Jian Guo defeats Cai Dong Yang by decision, points
3. Zhao Ya Fei defeats Bao Ge Bao Da by decision, points
2. Jia Er Ken defeats Bao Yin Na by ground and pound
1. Shang Zhi Fa defeats Zhong Guo Wei by triangle choke


It's not Asian, but it is MMA.  And hometown heroes Riki Fukuda and Dong Hyun Kim will be giving Asian fans more of a reason to watch.  But the fight everyone is polarized over is the Middleweight Championship - Anderson Silva versus Chael Sonnen.  Here's a variety of quotes on the matter from the pro's around Asia - and beyond.

Shinya Aoki: I think Silva will win!!

Arvind Lalwani: Going with Sonnen this time. He's f'ed up Silva's head.

Jacob Mills: Uncle Chael

Rodrigo Ribeiro Ximbica: Silva for sure!!!

Ronda Rousey: I think that Anderson Silva pissed off and healthy is going to destroy Chael.

Chatri Sityodtong: I think Silva is going to take it. Chael's takedowns won't have improved since 2 years, but Silva's takedown defense will.

Eddie Bravo: My mind's telling me Silva, but my body, my body's telling me Chael.

Bloodstain Lane: Silva is gonna get wrecked tomorrow.


Coach Zhao from the Xia'an Sports Institute has been a staple in the Chinese market for producing many of the best MMA athletes culled from his camp of literally hundreds of young Sanda fighters. From Art of War to Legend FC and RUFF, Xi'an Sports Institute has yielded top guys like Bao Li Gao, Zhao Zhi Long, Na Xun, Qing Ge Le, Dai Shuang Hai, Ao Hai Lin, and Wang Guan.  Beginning with an association with Art Of War in 2005 to produce some of the first events in China and culminating in fifty events under the UMAC banner, the Institute is now proud to announce the inaugural event for the Ultimate Fight Alliance - UFA 1.


As the month of July rounds out with two events in Taiwan - The Taiwan BJJ International and PROFighting MMA - we see the second half of the year heating up with both MMA and BJJ competitions.  In Southeast Asia, Ramadan approaches (July 18 - August 19) so the schedule takes a hiatus.  Kicking off the BJJ scene will be the BJJF Philippines event on August 11th, followed by the (in)famous SEABJJ Bangkok Open on October 27th, and the ADCC Asia-Pacific World Qualifying Trials in Manila on November 3rd.  Check out for everything BJJ in Asia.  Looking north again and reflecting back on the mixed BJJ/MMA scene in South Korea, correspondent Inseung Hwang of Blackbelt Korea shares some results from the recent Motorone Jiujitsu Competition:


In mid-June, what started out as two Korean fighters missing their flight home turned into the stuff of pure legend.  And as fortune would have it, I was right smack in the middle of it all, at home in Hong Kong.

Legend FC held their ninth event at the City of Dreams casino resort in Macau on June 16th.  I spent the following day recovering from the after party poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel.  Hair-of-the-dog and volleyball were the doctor's prescriptions.  A ferry ride back across the Pearl River Delta got me home in time for a good night's sleep ahead of a busy Monday back at work.  Or so I thought.

Fresh off a three-round battle with Taiyo Nakahara that resulted in a split decision loss, bantamweight tournament contender Jo NamJin and his corner missed their flight back to Seoul and got stuck for a few days extra in Hong Kong.  I had the pleasure of putting off more work and playing tour guide for them.   NamJin is "Crazy" in the ring, but outside of it he is a very humble, quiet, and polite guy with a great work ethic and a desire to better himself constantly.